Stress is one of the 5 major factors related to hair loss...we all have it, but it's how you handle it that really matters. Stay focused and keep a positive perception on the situation...even what seems to be the worse is for your good :-)

Posted by Angela Beard Hardy on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Speaker & Radio Personality

Known as a "transformational" speaker, Angela captures her audience through wit, humor and transparency.  She has been known to help others through their trials and provide clarity and growth by bringing light to subjects and topics that others may consider to be off limits and taboo.  Her regular speaking schedule includes; various cosmetology schools, churches, graduations and more.  Currently, she serves as a co-host to Doni Glover, every Tuesday at 10:00am on WOLB 1010AM (an affiliate of Radio One). As well as, host her own Blog Talk Radio show "Total Empowerment."  Her subject of topics varies and are often based on her life awareness, observations and challenges.  Click on the show topics below, to hear the replays.

If you are interested in Ms. Hardy being a guest speaker for your organization or at one of your events, contact her directly to discuss.