Hair Amore Hair Loss Clinic

Angela knows that there is often a sincere appreciation for one's own hair, as well as a sadness for its loss.  Having this understanding has allowed Hair Amore (the Italian word for Love) Private Hair Loss Clinic, to operate and serve with compassion and integrity.  As a Trichologist, Angela combines her education, iridiology studies, holistic health awareness and hair styling skills to create an unique but satisfying experience.  Initially motivated to understand how some people loose their hair and others don't, in hopes of preventing it from ever happening to her, Angela discovered some factors of hair loss that very few people know could be related.  The diversity and individuality of each visit creates the opportunity to discover the why, suggest the potential for regrowth and or prevention of further damage, customize products, herbal treatments, and discuss various styling options (including customized wigs, units and devices) when applicable.  Designed with your personal goals in mind, Ms.Hardy takes the time to review all of your medications, hair products and tools.  Your consultation also involves a detailed conversation and a thorough analysis using special scopes, lighting and magnification.  The comprehensive review examines the hair, scalp and follicles.  As a result, a determination is made and suggested as to your next step and plan of action.  

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